As an angry, bitter, jealous, depressed, struggling single mom of 4- I couldn’t stand seeing other women doing good. It made me feel insecure, inadequate and insignificant. But God revealed to me the 3 things that literally shifted me from clutter to clarity to transforming my entire life.

These 3 simple key stopped me from...

Making bad decisions

Settling for less than I deserved

Tolerating toxic relationship

Suffering in silence because of pain from my past

Wasting my life away with the wrong people, places and habits

And some other breakthroughs you’ll hear more about as you get to know me

None of that was serving me and it’s surely not serving you. Trust me, it’s ok to not be ok. It’s just not ok to stay stuck.

I’ve taught thousands of women how to use the power of clarity, confidence and courage to be more, do better and have the best- now it’s your turn!

In this real talk 3 part series, we will dive into what it really takes to have that unlimited clarity, unshakeable confidence, and unbreakable courage you need to become the powerful, unstoppable, successful woman you were created to be.

This program forced me to take a deep look at myself. The first two days were the most powerful for me. My mind and heart had been cluttered for so long over so many things that I was holding on to and needed to let go. Not looking for any “flaws” just paying attention to what I have been doing, what I am currently doing, what I wanted to change and what needed to change in order for me to improve and be a better me. ~Eboni

I am feeling content, almost happy again for the first time in YEARS. I even have extra energy.  I know that your coaching is definitely helping me because you really inspire me and offer great advice.  When I start to feel a certain way I can hear your voice in my head on how to handle a situation.  I have also taken your advice by changing the way I think; trying to see the good in all situations and to always have an attitude of gratitude despite my circumstances. You really inspire me! Thanks so much for all of your help! ~Monica

Helping Others Transform

Helping Others Transform

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