If you’re a goal getter looking for a planner that makes your complicated days simple and leads to success EVERY DAY- look no further!

Created by author and life coach Angel Richards, The Clutter Free 90 Day Clarity Planner was created for women who want more clarity, confidence, and courage when pursuing their goals. It's the only planner you'll need to stay focused, intentional and productive day to day- leading to more wins and celebrations! Angel includes several key components of her clutter free lifestyle teachings in this powerful planner to ensure you are not just hustling through your to do list but are honoring your mind, body, and spirit along the way.


You've been working hard on this clutter free journey and I want to help you see MORE SUCCESS DAILY. I believe strongly in women being focused, intentional, strategic, reflective and productive. It's what builds confidence, brings joy and breeds success. So to help you be, do and have more...I created my CLUTTER FREE 90 DAY CLARITY PLANNER to guide you through the process. You've been decluttering your life- it's time for increased ACTION and ACCOUNTABILITY! And that's all laid out for you in my new fabulous 136-page day planner. It's like no other (trust- I did my research). And it includes everything you need to make the most of each day so you can feel accomplished and motivated for the next.


(even if you already have a favorite)



Time to visualize your dream life and think about the goals you’ll need to accomplish in order to make it your reality. Write out GOALS for your MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, RELATIONSHIPS, FINANCES, CAREER/BUSINESS. LIFESTYLE and any other desires of your heart. Then add important dates to your calendar to ensure everything that needs to get done, gets done.



Consider what new HABITS you need to have in order to reach your goals and start tracking them. Start with a few you want to focus on for the month and check them off each day. This will help you monitor your progress and help you identify the days of the weeks you fall short. Noticing patterns can help you better correct the behaviors. Remember, progress over perfection!



Start your week off strong by setting your intentions. Jot down your TOP 5 GOALS for the week (that bring you closer to your 30 days goals). Capture your INSPIRATION with quotes, affirmations and/or scriptures. Plan out your SELF HELP sessions with personal development activities such as reading, watching videos, listening to podcast, journaling, coaching sessions and any other way you decide to do the work. And don’t forget to squeeze in some SELF LOVE/SELF CARE. You’ve worked hard…you deserve it!



This is my favorite part! The more intentional you are about your time, the more you can accomplish. You’re going to determine your TOP 3 PRIORITIES- things that must get done today. Then schedule your POWER HOUR. That’s a minimum of one hour per day dedicated to what you deem necessary. Could be goal related or just an hour of ME time. Totally up to you. And of course, the TO DO LIST. We have a love hate relationship with them and should never live without them. Lastly, a quick check in on your daily PRACTICES- prayer, meditation, exercise, and self-help. These are keys to being whole and complete and balanced.



Take a moment to reflect on the week. Seeing the progress you made is the best motivation! First, let’s CELEBRATE YOUR WINS. We often skip this part and jump right into the next to do list. You have to learn to cheer for yourself every step of the way. Now we know it’s not always fun and games. Next, you’ll look at the CHALLENGES you faced throughout the week and what CHANGES you need to make to avoid a repeat. Lastly, you will spend some time in GRATITUDE for all the blessings and breakthroughs you’ve experienced this week.



At the end of the 90 days you will take the time to reflect, reevaluate and reset your focus so you can move into your next season of success with clarity, confidence, and courage.


  • 8X8 is the perfect size to plan- not too big, not too small.
  • 136 pages purpose driven pages.
  • spiral bound so you can flip the pages and focus on one day at a time.
  • NO FLUFF- every section is a key to your success.
  • Oh, and it’s super pretty!

If you’re ready to reach your goals and celebrate your wins while creating a life you love…

Helping Others Transform

Helping Others Transform