Bitter, Broken, BREAKTHROUGH Masterclass

Join Angel Richards-life coach and author- for a real, raw and relevant coaching session on BREAKING FREE FROM THE BITTERNESS & BROKENNESS of your past and present pain so you can UNBLOCK YOUR BLESSINGS & UNLEASH YOUR BREAKTHROUGHS. This is an exclusive MASTERCLASS including a private Q&A session so you can get on the spot laser coaching, insight and advice from your virtual clarity coach. It's time to RECLAIM YOUR POWER and REGAIN CONTROL of your life. Angel's masterclasses are known to make you laugh, cry, think and transform. Are you ready to BREAKTHROUGH? This class is for you if you've experienced: - a breakup - a separation - a divorce - toxic relationships - abusive relationships - abandonment - neglect - betrayal - church hurt or any other painful experience that left you lost, bitter and broken!


MASTERCLASS: Thursday, July 20 @ 8 pm est

Call details will be emailed prior to class.

Helping Others Transform

Helping Others Transform

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