Angel Richards is a mother of 4, life coach, educator, and entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Helping Others Transform, a lifestyle empowerment company dedicated to helping women de-clutter their lives, create breakthroughs and become unstoppable. She is also the leader of the #clutterfree movement that has women worldwide focused on having unlimited clarity, undeniable confidence, and unshakable courage so they can move past their hurts, habits, and hang-ups in life & love. Angel then founded Clutter Free Society to provide classes, coaching and a community of like-minded women who are committed to working on themselves and winning every single day. She is a sought after life coach that has helped thousands of women transform their lives from clutter to clarity. She is also the author of the transformative self-help book Clutter to Clarity: A Simple Guide to Decluttering Your Life, Reaching Your Goals & Living Your Dreams.


I’m really passionate about helping others transform because that’s what I did to create my biggest breakthrough. I had to overcome my own life challenges, fears and circumstances after being molested, raped, in abusive relationships, being a 2x teen parent, a single mom of 4, going through a divorce and even battling suicidal thoughts. Although moving past the disappointment, devastation and depression wasn’t easy…with God, clarity, confidence, courage, focus, consistency and commitment…I not only survived, I now thrive. AND YOU WILL THRIVE TOO! By developing the habits I’m going to teach you, through it all, I was still able to get a college degree and buy a house by 25. Earn my masters degree and start my first business by 28. And have a successful career in education and retire from it by 35 to run my biz full-time. All as a single mom of 4. Not because I’m special. But because I said I would and I never gave up. Now as a successful life coach, entrepreneur, educator, speaker and author I teach women the simple yet powerful process of getting to their happy place. Can I show you how?


Prior to Clutter Free society, I was miserable and I didn’t know who I was. I was recently divorced, mother of two, and overweight. I joined to get unstuck and clarity is what I gained. Angel has coached and motivated me to lose over 25lbs in the few short months. She helped me with managing my time now being a single mother. And Power Hours!!! With Angel’s advice, I take an hour a day and do things for myself; whether its goal setting, exercising, journaling, writing my book or simply taking a bubble bath, I take an hour a day to do what I want to satisfy my needs. I love her dearly because my transformation wouldn’t have been possible without her coaching and God putting her in my life.

~ Yolanda

Angel has been instrumental in changing my life forever! From working with her one on one where she pushed me to step outside of my comfort zones and do things I may have never done, like start my business and leave a relationship I knew I didn’t need to be in to being in Clutter Free Society where the value far outweighs the investment. The women in the group are there for each other, celebrating and encouraging each other, and there have been friendships that have been made out of Clutter Free Society that would’ve never been. Angel has truly been an angel in my life, believing in me when I didn’t really believe in myself and I will be forever grateful!

~ Tasha

HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT is a platform where I will keep it real, raw and deal with relevant women issues and inspirations. I’ll not only inspire and motivate you but I intend to empower you to push past any EXCUSES and right into ACTION. I believe that nothing changes if nothing changes so I’m going to give you the steps myself and my clients have personally taken to de-clutter our lives, attract real love, make money, get healthy, find peace, choose happiness and so much more- regardless of life storms that come your way.
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Helping Others Transform

Helping Others Transform