Hey love,

As 2021 is coming closer to an mind is already on us having an amazing new year together!

I love 1:1 life coaching because it's like offering the experience many women lack, that includes the non-bias honesty, tough love and solutions they need, so they can get out of their own way and create lives they love.

I'm always excited to spend the year coaching women like you because I know that it takes at least one year to really unlearn and undo much of what has become limiting beliefs and behaviors. My clients who continue to work with me yearly do see the best results because they don't stop when they feel "comfortable". They keep going because they know there is more within. They want to reach their full potential and understand that doesn't happen over night. They commit to the process. And I love it!

But I am selective with who I invite into this exclusive 12 month coaching program. I believe the best experience for both you and I is when you're ready to do the work.

Who is this for?

I love to work with the woman who is...
✔️ committed to her clutter free journey
✔️ values life coaching and self-help
✔️ open to new ideas, beliefs and practices
✔️ willing to do hard things to make her life easier
✔️ solution focused
✔️ invest her time, energy and money in herself
✔️ shows up for herself and her results
✔️ is coachable

Who this is NOT for?

I do NOT work with women who...
❌ are not committed to working on themselves
❌ looking for a quick fix
❌ is reactive instead of being proactive
❌ makes excuses
❌ doesn't take ownership and responsibility for results
❌ blames the coach or program for lack of results
❌ prioritizes distractions
❌ doesn't do the work
❌ inconsistent with her coaching
❌ isn't willing to invest in herself
❌ is comfortable being uncomfortable
❌ doesn't have goals or dreams
❌ needs to be convinced (of anything)

She wants the consistent guidance, support and accountability that I offer and is willing to commit to the work.

Anything less is me dragging, chasing and begging for your breakthrough. I am not that coach. This is not that program. Good new're not that client!

So this is my official invitation to work with me 1:1 in the new year 2022. I want to continue to help you do the inner work, identity work and to reach the goals you've set for yourself, life, career and/or business.


✅ 60 Minutes of Coaching Monthly
✅ Text Message Access via WhatsApp
✅ Ongoing Email Support
✅ 50% off additional coaching calls outside of the 1 hour per month


➡️ OPTION ONE: $3,000/year
➡️ OPTION TWO: $750/quarterly
➡️ OPTION THREE: $250/monthly

Annual payments can be made any time between now and January 1st. Monthly and quarterly payments start January 1st or 15th, 2022. You get to choose which day is best for you. Once you decide, a 12-month coaching agreement will be sent. You spot is not guaranteed until the coaching agreement is signed. This is necessary as space is limited.

I hope you are just as excited as I am!

So my love, if you're in and want to work with me 1:1 in 2022- let me know so I can save your spot and prepare your coaching agreement. I'll only be working with a small group of women in this capacity so let me know as soon as you decide. If you have any questions, just reach out.


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