Angel Richards is a mother of 4, life coach, educator and entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Helping Others Transform, a lifestyle empowerment company dedicated to helping women de-clutter  their lives, create breakthroughs and become unstoppable. She is also the leader of the #clutterfree movement that has women world-wide focused on having unlimited clarity, undeniable confidence and unshakable courage so they can move past their hurts, habits and hang ups in life & love. Angel then founded Clutter Free Society to provide classes, coaching and a community of like-minded women who are committed to working on themselves and winning every single day. She is a sought after life coach has helped thousands of women transform their lives from clutter to clarity. She is the author of the transformative self-help book Clutter to Clarity: De-clutter Your Life, Reach Your Goals, Live Your Dreams.


I’m really passionate about helping others transform because that’s what I did to create my biggest breakthrough. I had to overcome my own life challenges, fears and circumstances after being molested, raped, in abusive relationships, being a 2x teen parent, a single mom of 4, going through a divorce and even battling suicidal thoughts. Although moving past the disappointment, devastation and depression wasn’t easy…with God, clarity, confidence, courage, focus, consistency and commitment…I not only survived, I now thrive.


By developing the habits I’m going to teach you, through it all, I was still able to get a college degree and buy a house by 25. Earn my masters degree and start my first business by 28. And have a successful career in education and retire from it by 35 to run my biz full-time. All as a single mom of 4. Not because I’m special. But because I said I would and I never gave up.

Now as a successful life coach, entrepreneur, educator, speaker and author I teach women the simple yet powerful process of getting to their happy place. Can I show you how?


HelpingOthersTransform.com is a platform where I will keep it real, raw and deal with relevant women issues and inspirations. I’ll not only inspire and motivate you but I intend to empower you to push past any EXCUSES and right into ACTION. I believe that nothing changes if nothing changes so I’m going to give you the steps myself and my clients have personally taken to de-clutter our lives, attract real love, make money, get healthy, find peace, choose happiness and so much more- regardless of life storms that come your way.

Yes, you CAN have it all if you do the work. Ready to do YOUR work? Let’s get it!

“Angel is a humble spirit and gives sisterly love as she supports women during their time of transformation so they can stay the course, breakthrough and live a clutter free life filled with love, passion, money, clarity, security, confidence and freedom.” ~Chaashab


Would you like to experience a transformation that leads you in a more fun & more fulfilling direction?

What if I could show you how to let go of past hurts and failures so you can use that energy to do what it is you really want…would you say yes? What if I could help you get rid of the naysayers that are killing your dreams and sucking the life out of you…would you be willing to let go? Believe it or not…I’m going to teach you that and much MORE because I know from experience- that’s what it takes to create a life you love!

You will learn how to use your fears to win and how to be a little selfish (in a good way of course)!

You’ll also learn how to dig deep within and get in touch with your true desires- the way you want to feel- so you can set your goals around those core feelings and achieve more as a result. Are you willing take the first step? Trust me…just one non-negotiable decision alone can change everything! Just imagine if you were 100% clear on your wants and needs and you had the confidence to go after it…how would your life be different?

Look, I don’t believe in sideline talking and back seat driving…it’s time to get in the front seat of your life and ride out on your own terms! We’ll work on your goals and set you up to take massive action! We’ll work on your finances, your health, your relationships…honey, we are hitting it all! It’s about transforming the YOUR LIFE!

“After the 3 Day Triple Threat 3 Day Makeover, I think that I can try to have consistent confidence by not pretending to be the person others want me to be. I can be myself and be happy with myself. I know I am not where I should be but I know that I can get there. Some people want me to be a bank, constant encourager and everything for everybody. I have cluttered my life up with their thoughts of me. I have been a people pleaser for too long. I will be consistently confident no matter what my circumstances are.”

~ Tammy

 “I like to read a lot of motivational books and I try to be as positive as I can but I learned through this challenge it is more than just writing things out or making vision boards. You got to work at it daily. I am more focused and I have really done some soul searching. I really tried to focus on the things that really held me back. You are really down to earth and I could relate to everything you said. You were more human and that is why I continued to do the challenge.” 

~ Nicole