8 Signs of Mental Clutter- Overcoming Mental Weakness

There are 8 tell all signs that you many be dealing with mental clutter which leaves you mentally weak. I am going to share with you the top 3 signs. You can get a FREE copy of my new audio download 8 Signs of  Mental Clutter- Overcoming Mental Weakness today!

Here are the top 3 Signs of Mental Clutter:

  1. The Victim- Blames everyone for all that has went wrong, is going wrong, and will go wrong in the future. Victim mindset says that it is not my fault that…Victims never take responsibility for the role they played in any given situation.
  2. The Beggar- Always looking for what they can get out of you! ENOUGH SAID!
  3. The Doubter- Never believes a thing anyone says and is always trying to prove someone wrong. They say, I’ll believe it when I see it! They doubt they are good at anything and could accomplish anything great. The doubter drains everyone around them.

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Listen and see if you fit any of those “shoes”. If you do, it’s time to ship them to Goodwill and hit the mall!

Have a great week and work on clearing the clutter!


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